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Beads, Beaders, Crafts, Resources, Shops
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  1. is a directory of fashion, you can find many style of apparel, clothes, shoes, accessories, fur, jeans and more.
    We offering source & directory of all the fashions on the web, and Internet resource sites featuring for you. Let's try to find your fashion today.
  2. BEADING DIVA. Lots of links to beading sites of interest -- shopping, general reference, good tips and articles.
  3. HOME JEWELRY BUSINESS SUCCESS TIPS. Lots of good advice. Sign up for their newsletter.
  4. Kid Crafts: Kid Crafts
    Your ultimate kid crafts resource for children
    featuring Products, Books and more.
    Our Kid Crafts search engine is the ultimate
    resources locator for kid crafts on the net.

    Another great link for Craft Activites for Kids
    Paradise Fibers

  5. On-Line Printable Graph Paper. You can print images of graph paper for various bead weaving stitches.
  6. BEADED CURTAINS: Here at Beaded Curtain, you will find all you need to know about beaded curtains and beads. Learn how to make a beaded curtain and learn about all the different types of beaded curtains available, including: -
    Acrylic Beaded Curtains
    Bamboo Beaded Curtains
    Glass Beaded Curtains
    Painted Beaded Curtains
    PVC Beaded Curtains
    Wooden Beaded Curtains

    The amount of bead shapes and bead sizes available for making beaded curtains is endless, with your imagination your only limitation. Read more about bead shapes.

  7. THE WORLD ON A STRING is a new four-episode five-hour documentary series produced by veteran film maker Diana Friedberg. The project was made possible by a number of generous contributors including The Bead Society Society of Los Angeles. The first two hour episode is now complete (view preview) and available for purchase.

    World On A String tells the remarkable story of human history through one of mankind's tiniest creations... the bead. It is an awesome saga spanning some 75,000 years. The project has been a labor of love for its producer, Diana Friedberg - an industry award-winning film editor and producer - for over a decade.

    This is a story never told before and certainly never attempted on the scale to which the producer has gone to convey the extent of the subject's canvas. This is human drama of the most potent and powerful kind, and a tale that weaves its way through cultures, traditions, religions, and histories all over the globe. The series was shot on location on five continents and presents a truly stunning picture of how a tiny object transformed human thinking and influenced social behavior over the eons. While it dips back into the deepest recesses of time, it is nevertheless very much a contemporary story set in the moden day. It includes extraordinary footage in which we meet amazing personalities from tribal chiefs to shamans, craftsmen, artists, and priests.

  8. ChitChat Beading Forum: Friendly and helpful community forum dedicated to the wonderful art of
    beading and handmade jewelry
  9. Urban Beads Directory: Directory of all kinds of bead resources, including shops, bead and jewelry artists. Great place for independent jewelry artist to get listed.
  10. Jewelry supply and more at!
  11. THE BEAD FAIRIES PAGE:  Resources.  Learning tips and advice.  Books.  Lots of information.
  12. How To Save Time And Money When Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring And How To Avoid Getting Scammed
  13. Wholesale Jewelry
    Wholesale jewelry manufacturer of diamond, gold, silver and opal jewelry.
    Large collection of animal, sealife and nautical themes.
    Wholesale prices. No minimums
  15. HTML COLOR CHART: lists the color name, the RGB code, and provides a color sample.
  16. LEAH KRAMER: BEADING SOFTWARE:  Software provides computerized graph paper for following stitches:  loom, peyote, 2-drop peyote, brick and comanche.
  17. MICROSTAMP CORPORATION: Customize sterling silver tags for your bracelets and necklaces.
  18. BEADPLAN: SOFTWARE FOR BEAD ARTISTS:  Draws bead graphs, allows you to color and uncolor beads.  Loom, brick, peyote, 2-drop peyote stitches.  Seed or Delica beads.
  19. THE BEADVILLE NEWS / BEAD PATTERN DESIGNER:  Bead pattern designer software for brick, loom, peyote, square and 2-drop peyote stitches.  Seed or Delica beads.
  20. THE BEADWORKER (EMILY'S PAGE):  Lots of seed bead projects.  Lots of resource information.
  21. CENTER FOR BEAD RESEARCH:  Home site of the Center for Bead Research.  Lots of links, ideas, discussions, resources.  The Bead World meets here.
  22. GUIDE TO BEADWORK:  This site maintained by author of Guide To Beadwork.  Very good listing of bead resources by state.
  23. POLYMER CLAY CENTRAL:  A gathering of polymer clay artists.  Lots of ideas, information, resources.
  24. BEAD & FIBER JUNCTION:  An Ezine for beaders and craftspersons.  Book reviews, magazines, stories, museums, galleries, workshops.
  25. ETCETERA: A bimonthly webzine for artists and craftspersons.
  26. THE BEAD BUGLE MAGAZINE:  An e-zine billing itself as a perpetual bead show, and it is.  Highlights bead artists, exhibits, suppliers, resources, bead techniques and tipsmore.
  27. NEBULA GIFTS:  Showcases craftspersons from around the world.
  28. WOOD-N-CRAFTS ON-LINE:   Wholesale craft, hardware, & woodworking supplies.  Great list of informational and product resources.
  29. BEADWRANGLER:  Great source of how-to information about bead and jewelry crafts.  Lots of links, lots of tales, lots of instructions, lots to see and do.
  31. Participate in Delphi's Arts & Crafts Forum, which can be found at     Here you'll find artists and craftspersons sharing their knowledge.
  32. CRAFTS FROM THE HEART: Quality Hand Painted Crafts.
  33. JANA'S CRAFT CONNECTION:  A Crafter's Paradise.  A little crafters' mall.  Within our little corner of the crafting world you will find The Kit Stop, currently featuring Jana's very own Spool Pals in kit form, The Creative Stop, with completed Spool Pals for those of you who want something homemade, but can't quite find the time and, finally, The Book Stop, where you will be able to browse through the shelves and find the crafting inspiration you have been looking for!
  34. AUNT MOLLY'S BEAD STREET:  Patterns, Projects, Bead Links.  Fun, clever site.
  35. for crafters, hobbyists and entrepreneurs and people who like just like to MAKE STUFF
  36. THE CREATIVITY ZONE:  A little corner of the Internet where you can treat yourself or a loved one to one-of-a-kind handcrafted gifts, including  unique home decorating accessories, unusual jewelry, and animal collectibles.
  37. Add Your Name To The  Specialized Mailing Beading Mailing Lists at ONElist.Com
  38. Wistle - The World's Largest? Craft & Gift Directory.
  39. Free Christmas Craft Ideas, Samples, Supplies and More:  FREE or postage only arts & crafts projects and activities for Christmas.   Get offers, samples and ideas for ornaments, stocking stuffers, gifts, wreaths and more!
  40. Creations by BobbiLynn-- Handcrafted decorative covers for your vacuum cleaner.
    Featuring *Craft Site Directory*. Free URL submission.
  41. BEADS BY LUDI:  Great selection of handmade lamp-worked beads by this artist.
  42. BEADING HEART DESIGNS by Dona Anderson:  great amulet purse patterns, great sense of style, color and shading.
  43. Absolutely Free Stuff For Everyone Kids, Parents, Crafts, Sweepstakes, Angels, On-Line, Software & More.
  44. Free Easter Crafting Ideas Absolutely Free Stuff For Easter  Free patterns, samples, ideas and more. Go to:
  45. SMALL WONDERS:  If you want to see incredible figural glass beads, go here.  Mermaids, fairies, goddesses and more.
  46. AUNT MOLLIES BEAD STREET:  A wonderful collection of links to images of beaded products and projects around the world.   Like going to a bead museum.   Take a wonderful visit there.
  48. ART DEADLINES LIST:  A monthly newsletter (email & paper versions) providing information about juried exhibitions/competitions, call for entries/proposals/papers, jobs, internships, writing & photo contests, scholarships, residencies, design & architecture competitions, auditions, fellowships, casting calls, tryouts, grants, festivals, funding, financial aid, and other opportunities (including some that take place on the web) for artists, art educators and art students of all ages. On the web at:
  49. FIRE MOUNTAIN GEMS and BEADS JEWELRY SUPPLY: America's favorite beading and jewelry making supplies. Largest selection of beads and components at wholesale prices.
  50. by Nilah King
  51. The Wedding Planner

Gemstone, Geology, Rocks, Crystals

  1. Jewelers of America:   Offers general consumer information about jewelry and gemstones
  2. Canadian Institute of Gemmology:  Offers gem information and excerpts from ICA World Mining Report and Gemmology Canada.
  3. Smithsonian Institute:  Offers on-line museum.
  4. Amethyst Galleries:  A huge searchable database of minerals and their characteristics; many photos.
  5. Bob's Rock Shop:  Offers news, excellent photos and links for minerals.
  6. Rockhounds Information Page:  Offers international links for mineral information.
  7. Associate Jewelers Tradeshop:  A wholesale shop in Portland, OR, that has on-line catalog, as well as provides information on gem cutting, polishing, enhancement, investment and other topics.
  8. SUN ANGEL INNOVATIONS:  Lists gemstones and their psychic attributes.
  9. INTERNATIONAL COLORED GEMSTONE ASSOCIATION:  Gemstone facts, trends and folklore.
  11. GEM CARVER:  Links to gem carvers, supplies of rough and faceted stones, especially opal, sunstone.
  12. DMS MINING, MINERALS:  An eclectic site offering lapidary supplies, minerals, gem carvings, insights, information, and more.


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