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Click For Nylon and Silk Bead Cords (including Griffin, Stringth, C-Lon Bead Cord and Micro Bead Cord, C-Thru, PearlSilk, Finn Silk, Beadsmith 100% Pure Silk, and Gudebrod Silk)

Basic Threads vs. Hybrid Cable Threads

Nymo, C-Lon, and ONE-G threads are basic beading threads. These threads are like very thin long ribbons. The ribbons are made up of long strands of fibers. The ribbons fray easily, so you always wax your thread, even if the product says "pre-waxed'.

FireLine and Spiderwire, are used like threads, but they are really what we call a hybrid cable thread. These are a hybrid between threads and cable wires. These are threads that are braided together and encased in a nylon coating. (Cable wires are wires that are braided together and encased in nylon). You don't have to wax these. These hybrid cable threads are not meant to show in your piece.

If you want the stringing material to show in your piece, you would typically use what is called a Bead Cord. Here you might be putting knots between beads, or doing something like a tin-cup necklace, where you have a cluster of beads, and the cord shows, another cluster, cord showing, etc.



Nymo Thread
Bees Wax and Thread Heaven


   (Discontinued item in 2007, but we still have some available; have been replaced by LARGE BOBBINS)
LARGE BOBBINS (same quality as on cones and spools)



Nymo thread is an especially strong thread used for beading.  The sizing is somewhat peculiar, ranging from the thinnest "OO'' and "O" to "A", "B", through "G".  We carry OO and O which are great for earrings or any piece that requires you to thread and re-thread through a bead many many times.  We carry B and D which is good for necklaces and bracelets.  You should still double-up the D thread for any piece.  We carry size F.

The product on the small bobbins is slightly weaker and softer than that on the large bobbins, spools and cones.


Size D
Size AA


A polymer thread similar to Nymo, but much stronger, and in many more colors. Feels more like silk. Use with size #10 or size #12 English beading needles. There are 80 yards of thread (about 73 meters) per bobbin. We currently carry this in sizes D and AA.

At Be Dazzled Beads in Nashville, if you are using Nymo D, we suggest you switch to C-Lon D. If using Nymo B, we suggest you switch to C-Lon AA.

In this section we have C-Lon Thread.
Click here for the thicker C-Lon bead cords:
C-Lon Bead Cord, Micro Bead Cord, and TEX-400 Bead Cord

ONE-G Thread

Premium nylon beading thread. Size similar to D in Nymo and C-Lon. Well worth the extra cost.

If you had previously switched to FireLine from Nymo, you might consider trying ONE-G. This product might bring you back home to thread.

You wax this thread, just like any other bead thread.

By Toho.


SoNo Beading Thread

Japanese beading thread. Size B. Best with size #12 English Beading Needles. Some people consider this to be a more easily manageable thread.

FireLine thread is
a relatively new material with the consistency of a heavy thread, and the strength of a coated cable wire, like soft flex. It comes in either smoke grey or what they call crystal (really translucent white) in colors. It comes in .006"diameter (similar to Size B Nymo) and .008"-.009" diameter (similar to Size D Nymo or C-Lon).

This super strong, flexible, prewaxed, braided bead thread incorporates new age technology. Beadworkers and beadstringers will find that this new product feels and works better than the finest bead thread yet is as strong as jewelry wire. Most beads, including Austrian crystal tapers and gemstone chip beads,  will not cut this product. It does not stretch, it knots easily, and will thread onto a #10 or #12 beading needle.

For some unknown reason, the information on these labels changes frequently. This includes what is stated as the pound strength, the diameter, the size listing, and the color name. We send out what you order, even if the information on the label does not match exactly.

Conso Thread (A thin beading cord)
Thinner:#69 on Bobbins (similar to Nymo G, or Griffin Size #2, or C-Lon Micro Bead Cord)
NOTE: 2008: The thread is not currently available, and as we sell out, assume it will be gone for awhile. Check out the C-Lon Micro Bead Cord as a good substitute.

Thicker: 2 ounce (apprx 170 yards) Spools (a little thicker than Gudebrod or Beadsmith 100% Silk E, similar to Griffin Size #6, and C-Lon #18 Bead Cord)


This upholstery thread (really a bead cord) is a heavy, twisted thread yet supple and flexible. Use bobbins with size 8-11 beads where you need a really stiff tension, or spools with size 6/0-8/0 beads. It's also perfect for stringing our large Czech pressed glass beads (those are the leaves, hearts, drops, triangles, pendants, etc.) You'll find that a milliner's or other sewing needle is easier to use with Conso than a true beading needle which has a long narrow eye. For stringing, use a Big Eye or twisted wire needle or dental bridge floss.

Excellent for bead crochet or netting projects which are to stand alone. Can be used to warp loom. Less stretchy than Nymo, and results in stiffer project.

Conso is sold on bobbins (thinner thread) and spools (thicker thread).

Also see a similar product:
C-Lon Bead Cord


Crystal clear and braided to be extremely durable.  Rough stones are easily discouraged from cutting this strong cord.   It has a low stretch and is easily knotted.  The crystal clear color is perfect for crystal beads or anywhere a clear cord is needed.


Spiderwire- Ultracast Invisi-Braid Bead Thread. Patented translucency technology makes this line the nearest thing to clear and invisible. Its stronger, smoother, and much more durable than other braided line, while still amazingly thin! Excellent for use with sharp edged beads, like Austrian Crystal beads, which would normally damage other types of stringing material. Super-strong at incredibly small diameters relative to monofilament *3 to 5 times thinner than an average monofilament of comparable tensile strength *Patented translucency technology


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