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2mm and 3mm Austrian Crystal Beads


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11/0 Seed Beads and Cut Seed Beads

12/0 Tri-Cut Seed Beads

(size 13/0)

#1, #3, #5, 20mm, 30mm Bugle Beads

Micro Tubes


8/0 Raindrops





















6/0 Seed Beads


8/0 Seed Beads and Cuts


11/0 Seed Beads and Cuts


15/0 Seed Beads and Cut Seed Beads


Charlottes (TOHO)
Size 15/0

4mm Irregular Two-Tones (Miyuki)

Twisted Hex Cut  Beads 10/0 (Miyuki)

#1 (3mm) Miyuki Bugles

#2 (6mm) Miyuki Bugles

Twisted Bugles, 2.7x12mm (Miyuki) and 2.0x6mm (Miyuki) and 2.0x12mm (Miyuki)


Triangles (smoother), 10/0, 8/0 and 5/0 (Miyuki)

Triangles (sharp), 11/0 and 8/0 (TOHO)

Cubes, 4mm, 3mm and 1.8mm (Miyuki) 

Magatamas Drops, 4mm and 4x7mm Large Magatamas Drops (Miyuki)

Mini Fringe Drops, 2.8mm and 3.4mm (Miyuki) 

Tila Beads (2-hole), 5x5x1.9mm

Berry Beads, 4.5 x 2.5mm (Miyuki) (also known as
"Peanuts" and "Farfalle" in other brands)

Peanut Beads, 4 x 2mm (Matsuno) (also known as
"Berry Beads" and "Farfalle" in other brands)





8/0 Delicas - Cylinder Beads (Miyuki)

Size 10/0 Delicas - Cylinder Beads (Miyuki)

11/0 Delicas - Cylinder Beads
(same as 12/0) (Miyuki)

15/0 Delicas - Cylinder Beads (Miyuki)

15/0, 11/0, 8/0 and 6/0



Your own Miyuki
Color Sample Cards

Your own TOHO

Color Sample Cards


Automatic Bead Spinner

Bead Weaving Curriculum
Brick Stitch
Advanced Beginner

Strut your stuff through Tuxedo Park on the East Side of Lower Manhattan! Learn how much shaping, interest and dimensionality you can achieve with the simple, basic Brick Stitch.

Now, also available as a video tutorial


What Size Are They?

Seed beads sizes are listed as "11/0" or "6/0" and the like.   These very loosely refer to how many beads per inch it would take, if you lined a particular size up against a ruler.   Thus, "11/0" means that there are 11 beads per inch.   "6/0" means that there are six per the inch.    Thus, the smaller the size-number, the larger the size of the bead.

6/0 seedbeads are apprx. 4mm
8/0 delicas are approximately 3.3mm
8/0 seedbeads are apprx. 3mm
11/0 seedbeads are apprx. 2.2mm
11/0 (same as 12/0) delicas are apprx. 1.8mm 
15/0 seedbeads are apprx 1.5mm

Carol Wilcox Wells, in her book THE ART AND ELEGANCE OF BEADWEAVING, gives a well-researched answer to the question How Many Seed Beads?    Using black opaque seed beads from one particular manufacturer, she came up with these numbers:

15/0 seed beads         290 beads/gram
11/0 (same as 12/0) delicas       190 beads/gram
11/0 seed beads         110 beads/gram
8/0 seed beads             38 beads/gram
6/0 seed beads             15 beads/gram

15/0 seed beads           24 beads/inch          9 beads/centimeter
11/0 (same as 12/0) delicas        20 beads/inch         7 beads/centimeter
11/0 seed beads           18 beads/inch          7 beads/centimeter
8/0 seed beads             13 beads/inch          5 beads/centimeter
6/0 seed beads             10 beads/inch          4 beads/centimeter

15/0 seed beads           330 beads/sq. inch         54 beads/sq. centimeter
11/0 (same as 12/0) delicas      285 beads/sq. inch         42 beads/sq. centimeter
11/0 seed beads           216 beads/sq. inch         35 beads/sq. centimeter
8/0 seed beads             108 beads/sq. inch          20 beads/sq. centimeter
6/0 seed beads              70 beads/sq. inch            12 beads/sq. centimeter

An amulet purse that is 2" x 2 1/2" in size, would be 2*2 1/2*2 in area, or 10 square inches.  (2 sides of 2x2.5 inches).   10 square inches would use, for example, 2850 delica beads (15 grams).

NOTE:  The sizes and weights for seed beads with different finishes and/or from different manufacturers will vary considerably, so you should take these numbers as a guide, not an absolute.

 What is it? -- 11/0 Delicas or 12/0 Delicas?
Delica beads are the same size as 12/0 Seed Beads. However, in projects, Delicas, because of their size and shape relative to the size and shape of Seed Beads, are used interchangeably with 11/0 Seed Beads. At Land of Odds, we refer to these Delicas as size 11/0. Some places refer to the exact same bead as 12/0 Delicas. Both are the same.

The Czech seed beads we carry are size 11, except the tri-cuts which are size 12.  Bugles are sizes #1, (apprx 3/32 inch), #3 (apprx 1/4 inch),  #5 (apprx 1/2 inch),  20mm and 30mm.  The Japanese seed beads we carry are size 11, size 6 or size 8.

Czech  11/0 seedbeads are available by the hank (usually 35-50grams).  Tri-cut seedbeads also are available by the hank (usually 12-19 grams).   Japanese 11/0 beads are available by 28-30 gram tubes.   Japanese 6/0 beads are available by 24-28 gram tubes.  Delicas are sold in 10 gram (sometimes 5 gr for very expensive colors) gram tubes.  

Seedbeads are made in many countries.  Czech beads are perhaps the most widely used.  They are consistent in size from bead to bead, and the colors and finishes are less likely to fade in sunlight or water, or wear away when rubbed against other materials and objects.  Tri-cut beads are very shiny and glitzy.  In a tri-cut bead, both the faceting as well as the color finish or effect, produces the shine.  

Japanese seed beads are perfectly consistent in size from bead to bead, and have more durable finishes than Czech beads.  They are also more expensive.  Some projects, like beaded pouches, are enhanced by the perfect size match of Japanese beads.  Other projects are enhanced by minor imperfections in size, that you would get from using Czech seed beads.

Other countries make seed beads as well, such as India, France and Italy.   You'll find the beads from India in stores like Walmart and Kmart.   They are very inexpensive, and very uneven in size of bead and hole size.    Seed Beads from France and Italy are very well made, and somewhat on the expensive side.

Very few projects work at all when the beads don't approximate the same size.  The smaller the bead, the more detailed and professional the finished piece will look.  Very experienced beaders often use size 16/0 or smaller in their pieces.  Size 11/0 works best for most hobbiests.  For children, we often recommend using the Japanese seed beads because they are easier to work with.  

When people are getting started with seed beads, we suggest trying both the Japanese beads and the Czech beads. The Japanese beads are easier to use because they are more uniform and have a larger and more consistently-sized hole. However, because the Japanese beads tend to be so perfect, you sometimes end up with a piece that looks like a paint-by-number Elvis on velvet. With the Czech beads, you get a more organic, artistic look.

For a listing a books about beading , return to the Book Shop.    Beading Supplies may be found in this Seed Beads Alcove.  Additional beading supplies are available in the Findings Alcove, along with other jewelry findings, display aids, and packaging.


Seed beads are sometimes called E-beads.   This refers to the shape of the bead.   It is not perfectly round (like a druk bead), but rather is sliced like a loaf of bread gets sliced -- which gives it a squared round or roundish shape.   Picture the "E" being the shape of the slicer, as it presses down on a elongated tube of glass.

E-beads in the 5/0 - 6/0 size are often referred to as E-beads, while other sizes of seed beads are not.   This is probably to differentiate these from perfectly round beads -- which are not often available in sizes smaller than 2-3mm.   If a pattern calls for an "E-bead", with no other delineation, it usually wants a size 5/0 or 6/0 seedbead.

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NOTE: The supply and availability of beads is very variable. Please make note of this when you are planning any project! Also MAKE NOTE and REALIZE that the exact color and size of many beads also varies, sometimes considerably, from production lot to production lot. Just because you ordered 100 navy blue oval beads in June, don't assume that when you re-order, that the navy blue color will be exact, or the size will be exact.

Also, don't assume that the same color will still be available when you order next -- even with a basic color like 'black'.

Also in your planning, assume that the variability of size/color/shape in any lot of hand-crafted beads will also have considerable variability.

Don't hesitate, when planning a project, or ordering from us, to ask us questions about supply and availability of beads. We'll do our best to find answers and options for you. This may mean having to modify your design plans somewhat, or for us to find an alternative, though sometimes higher cost, supplier. It may also mean buying your key beads or other parts and findings in larger quantities. At Land of Odds, we are all too familiar with the trials, tribulations and joys of jewelry design. We'll work closely with you.

If you are ordering SEVERAL ITEMS WHICH YOU MUST HAVE "ALL OR NONE", then please email or notify us of this fact when you place your order. Normally, we ship what is available, and out-of-stock the rest. We do not typically call or email about what is unavailable, unless specifically requested to do so.

We cannot be responsible for the color of dyed stones.

Listed weights and sizes for cast jewelry and beads pieces are approximate.

Please be aware that the colors of images you see on your screen may differ from the true colors of any item offered for sale. We do our best to see that there is as little distortion from the true colors as possible, but different browsers and different computer graphics hard- and soft-ware do many different things with colors. Even when switching between Netscape, Internet Explorer and AOL, some colors will vary considerably, some will vary a little, and others won't vary at all.




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