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11/0 (same as 12/0) Miyuki Delicas (Cylinder Beads)
[These are sometimes listed as 12/0 Delicas,
from other sources.]

Price and Availability Tables:(arranged by code #)
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Delica Mixes

COLOR WHEEL: Yellow-Brown-Topaz-Gold | Pink-Rose-Fuchsia | Purple-Amethyst-Alexandrite | Green | Crystal-Gray-Silver-Black | Blue | Red-Garnet-Orange

FINISHES: Metallic | Transparent | Opaque | Matte and Semi-Matte | Silver-Lined | Color-Lined | Galvanized/Duracoat Galvanized | Alabaster | Luster | Ceylon/Pearlized | Satin/Silk |Opal | Cut |


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11/0 Delicas are 1.8mm in size.   These are sold in 10 gram tubes, though some more expensive colors are in 5 grams tubes.

This size Delica is sometimes listed as 12/0, because they are the same size as 12/0 Seed Beads. 11/0 Seed Beads are 2.2mm in size, and these Delicas are closer in size to the 12/0. They are called 11/0's because they are used interchangeably with the slightly larger 11/0 seed bead. They are interchangeable with the larger bead because of the shape difference.

Delicas are very tiny sliced tubes, and are somewhat like working with blocks, instead of balls.  They are widely used in the making of amulet purses.

Most people select delicas by code numbers to go with project patterns, so our selection is ordered by Series Number.

There are approximately 1900 delica beads in a 10 gram tube.


About interchanging delicas and 11/0 seed beads:
If you were creating an eye-glass leash with seed beads, and standing against the light, you would see the uneven shapes of the sides of these beads. If you used delicas, you would see a solid line of color. When people view a solid line of color, they view the piece as higher end.

If you were showing your leashes in a higher-end $60.00 market, and used seed beads, your leashes might look cheap. If you were showing your leashes in a lower-end $20.00 market, and used delicas, people would tend to avoid purchasing these because they would seem very out of place.

If you were creating a bead-weaving like an amulet bag, and used seed beads, you would see gaps of light between each bead in the finished piece. If your piece were a solid color, they would look less intense. If your piece were a pattern or a picture, they would look less sharp.

If you used delicas in your beadweaving, these would lay together like a brick wall -- no gaps. If your piece were a solid color, it would look more intense. If it were a pattern or a picture, it would look sharper.

Also, if you tried to move your piece, the one with seed beads would feel stiff, because the ridges on the outsides of the beads catch on each other. With delicas, your piece would feel much more like a piece of cloth.



Miyuki 11/0 Delicas Color Chart

NOTE:  The finishes/colors on beads that have been metallized, galvanized or dyed, may rub off or bleed with handling.    Please use a spray fixative like Krylon with these beads.

What is it? -- 11/0 Delicas or 12/0 Delicas?
Delica beads are the same size as 12/0 Seed Beads. However, in projects, Delicas, because of their size and shape relative to the size and shape of Seed Beads, are used interchangeably with 11/0 Seed Beads. At Land of Odds, we refer to these Delicas as size 11/0. Some places refer to the exact same bead as 12/0 Delicas. Both are the same.

11/0 Delicas are 1.8mm in size.   These are sold in 10 gram tubes, (though some more expensive colors are in 5 grams tubes -- the order sheets specify the amount of grams in the tube).

There are approximately 1900 delica beads in a 10 gram tube.


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