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Miyuki Japanese 11/0 Seed Beads Color Chart
Color Chart

COLOR CODES:  001-156F | 156SF-364 | 365-546 | 547-2014 | 2015-3000

Page 1 :  Color Codes 001 thru 156F

Price and Availability Tables

001 crystal s/l

004 dark gold s/l

010 red s/l

011 ruby s/l

012 light amethyst s/l

013 dark amethyst s/l

014 chartreuse s/l

016 green s/l

017 green s/l #2

018 light blue /sl

019 sapphire s/l

020 dark sapphire s/l

21L grey s/l

023 pale rose s/l

028 cornflower blue s/l

131 crystal

131F matte tr crystal

131FR matte tr crystal ab

131SFR semi-mt crystal ab

132 transp light amber

132F matte transp light amber

132FR mt tr lt amber ab

133 transp amber

134D transp extra dark amber

134F mt tr dark amber

134FR mt tr dk amber ab

135 transp rootbeer

135F mt tr rootbeer

here135FR mt tr rootbeer ab

136 transp yellow

138 transp orange

140SF semi-mt red-orange

141 transp red

141F matte tr red

141FR mt tr red ab

141SF  semi-mt tr red

142 transp light amethyst

142F mt tr light amethyst

142FR mt tr light amethyst ab

143 transp chartreuse

146 transp green

146F mt tr green

146FR  mt tr green ab

147 transp dark green

147F matte tr dk green

148 transp light blue

148F mt tr light blue

148fr mt tr light blue/ab

149 transp aqua

149F mt transp aqua

149FR mt tr aqua ab

150 transp sapphire

150F mt tr sapphire

150FR mt tr sapphire ab

150SFR semi-mt sapphire ab

151 transp cobalt

151F mt tr cobalt

151FR mt tr cobalt ab

151SF semi-mt cobalt

152 transp gray

152F mt tr gray

155F mt tr pale pink

155FR mt tr pale pink ab

156 transp emerald

156F mt tr emerald

COLOR CODES:  001-156F | 156SF-364 | 365-546 | 547-2014 | 2015-3000

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