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TELEPHONE AND FAX ORDERS: Processing of orders placed on-line begins within 1 business day of receipt. There is usually a delay of 2-3 business days before orders phoned or faxed in are begun to be processed. This is because, as computers have taken over many staff functions, a staff person must replace your order on-line before it can be processed.

ORDER TURNAROUND TIME: When an order is received, we try to fill it completely with items in stock. If everything is in stock, the order will ship that day or the next day. If items are not in stock, we try to get the items from the distributor, and ship the order as complete as possible. This results in a shipping delay of 3-5 days, before the order is shipped. Even if you indicate that you want 2-Day or Overnight shipping, there may be a delay of 3-5 days before the order is shipped, unless you have emailed us ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS directing us otherwise.

IF AN ITEM IS OUT OF STOCK: Land of Odds does not backorder items. We ship all items that are in stock, and out-of-stock (O/S) those items which are not currently available from us, or from our distributors. If you are ordering SEVERAL ITEMS WHICH YOU MUST HAVE "ALL OR NONE", then please email or notify us of this fact when you place your order. Normally, we ship what is available, and out-of-stock the rest.

For more information about our Ordering Policies, including information about shipping and delivery, wholesale, international orders, returns, refunds, and re-stocking fees, please visit this web-page:

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LAND OF ODDS -  Jewelry Design Center

718 Thompson Lane
Ste 123
Nashville, TN 37204

Hours: Land of Odds:  Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm, Central Time

Hours: Be Dazzled Beads:
   Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm, Central Time

The Open Window Gallery is located within the Be Dazzled Beads store.

The Center for Beadwork & Jewelry Arts holds most of its classes at Be Dazzled Beads, but some classes at James Jones Studios and other locations as well.

Register to receive announcements of classes, Be Dazzled Specials, happenings in The Gallery under the Yahoo beadschool group.

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Be Dazzled

718 Thompson Lane, Ste 123
Nashville, TN 37204

Near 100 Oaks Mall, Armory Exit off I-65


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LAND OF ODDS - BE DAZZLED BEADS -- Jewelry Design Center
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BE DAZZLED -- the physical store at:
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