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About Land Of Odds

Land of Odds -  Jewelry Design Center.  
Jewelry Studio.  Beadshop.  Gemstones.  
Gifts and Collectibles.  Land of Odds has always had an orientation for custom-design and the unique or extra-ordinary gift.   Founded in 1980, Land of Odds was a shop where antique lamps and furniture were
restored.  We sculpted, detailed, painted, stained, carved, glued and did whatever it took to return
an antique to its original beauty and lustre.  
Our skills evolved, and so did our media.  
Today, Warren Feld and Alfard James work with
silver, bronze, copper and semi-precious stones
to create pins, earrings, bracelets, rings,
necklaces and objects d'art.  Their studio
is adjacent to the shop.  The public is always welcome to come by.


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Origin of Necklaces: It remains a curious fact that necklaces were once thought to safeguard the wearer against any attempt at hypnotizing. There was a logic underlying this belief. A beautiful necklace adorning the neck was bound to distract the eyes of the hypnotizer from the wearer's face and eyes. A necklace in this manner acted as a powerful restraint against undesirable gentlemen trying out their charms on virtuous maidens. It follows by extension that the more elaborate the necklace the higher the probability of a lady maintaining her honor.

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Gemstones -- What They Mean

Gemstones give off energy, much like a tuning fork.  Your body, its various physical and psychic parts, also give off energies based on the chemico-energy interactions within and through them.   The energy attraction between specific stones and people result from the harmonizing of these vibrating energies.  Gemstones must be in contact with your skin, either around a chain on your neck, resting against your chest, or in the palm of your hand.  The size and quality of the stones do not make any difference in their healing powers.  Below lists specific gemstones and their meanings, or you can skip down to Magical  Intentions which lists things stones are used for and their related gemstones.

To get a visual idea of what these stones look like, LINK to our GEMSTONE COLOR CHART.

Abalone:  domestic harmony

Agate:  prevents trauma; drug & alcohol addiction; Alzheimers disease; anxiety; concussions; depression; divorce trauma; menopause; nausea; nightmares; prenatal care; rape trauma; respiratory; suicidal tendencies; imparts strength, courage.  Mined from Montana to Brazil, agate is a multi-colored, banded stone.  It symbolizes the third eye and is believed to be a powerful healer.  It is also used to help banish fears and provide a sense of courage to the user.

Amazonite:  brings joy, calm; drug and alcohol addiction; prejudice; suicidal tendencies; truthfulness; wastefulness

Amber:  activates altruism; spirituality; strengthens memory

Amethyst:  alcohol addiction; anorexia; arthritis; bone damage; all cancers; heart disease; complexion; dental; herpes; obesity; meningitis; neurological; throat; empowers self; higher potential.  Found in both North and South America, amethyst is a purple quartz.  Excellent meditation stone and is nicknamed the 'Bishop's Stone".  It is used to strengthen the immune system while aiding in removing impurities in blood.

Apache Tears:  highly polished obsidian

Aquamarine:  dental; prenatal care; excellent meditator; banishes fears.  From Brazil, aquamarine ranges in color from a pale blue/green to a deep, non-translucent, marbled blue.  This crystal is said to govern over the upper parts of the body and protect against disorders of the jaw, teeth, throat and neck.

Aventurine:  releases anxiety; fear; very centering; AIDS; prejudice.  A green stone ranging in color from a pale jade to deep green banding with pyrite flakes.  Aventurine has been used for personal centering and creating self-confidence in social situations.

Azurite:  helps cut through illusion; enhances psychic abilities.  From Israel, the Orient and the Western US, this stone is made up of tiny crystals that vary from royal to deep blue with areas of green.  Instills courage.  Because of its high copper content, it intensifies the flow of energy through the nervous system.

Bloodstone (Fancy Jasper):  strengthens physical, mental vitality; reduces stress; physical healer

Carnelian:  purifies blood; facilitates concentration.  This brownish-red, translucent stone comes from Brazil.  Believed to be helpful for those with weak memories and by aiding the wearer with regards to food intake as well as food assimilation by the body.

Chrysocolla:  helps concentration, retention; Alzheimers disease; truthfulness; prevents ulcers; aids digestion; helps PMS

Chrysoprase:  arthritis; flu; pain

Citrine:  detoxifies body; raises self-esteem; allergies; Alzheimers disease; itch; male hormone.  This yellowish-orange quartz is found in Brazil, Spain, Madagascar and India.  This quartz has the overall ability to purify and cleanse the body.  Lighter shades of citrine are said to govern the mundane body functions while darker shades have an effect on more spiritual aspects of life.

Clay (pottery fragments over 250 years old):  purifies immune system

Copper:  detoxifies body

Covellite:  purifies body from radiation

Coral:  bone damage; calcium deposits; bone cancer; dental; prenatal care

Diamond:  enhances brain function, dispels negativity; aligns higher self with God; self-control; self-esteem; psychic senses

Emerald:  tonic for body/mind/spirit; brings us closer to God; osteoporosis

Fluorite:  improves absorption of nutrients; concentration; bronchitis; emphasyma; pleurisy; pneumonia; respiratory.  Mined in Illinois and Mexico, fluorite ranges from clear and yellow to purple and green.  This amazing stone cleaves into perfect octohedrons when broken out of its formation.  Fluorite is used as a personal centering tool.  It is great to use as a massage tool, as it seems to draw out the creaks and pains in the muscles and joints.

Garnet:  harmonizes; enhances love; compassion; blood pressure.  Found above and under ground throughout the Rockies, the garnet is ruby red.  A very powerful carnal stone.  Attracts very profound love, enhances the ability to remember dreams, and enhances creative imagination.

Geodes:  Anywhere there has been volcanic activity, there is a chance you might find a geode.  These are banded agate stones with a cavity in the center.  The geode is symbolic of the hidden beauty within all souls.  It is said to stimulate independent thinking, good working habits and increased productivity.

Gold:  attracts positive energy into your aura; physical strength; anemia; anorexia; bone damage

Granite:  increases gentleness and kindness; prevents nightmares

Hematite: resists stress enhances personal magnetism; courage; purifies blood.  A shiny, metallic iron ore found in the British Isles and North and South America.  It is believed that if you are attracted to this stone, it will become a very powerful one for you.  It can strongly enhance one's personal magnetism and enhance the positive/negative energy flow through one's nervous system.

Herkimer Diamond:  reduces stress; enhances inner vision; flue; throat; bronchitis

Jade:  increases longevity; fertility; wisdom; unblocks physical harms

Jasper:  powerful physical body healer; assures results in your self-interest

Labradorite:  PMS

Lapis:  releases tension, anxiety; increases psychic powers, spirituality; female hormone; menopause; PMS.  From Afghanistan and Chile, lapis can be many varied shades of blue speckled with flakes of pyrite.  It was a very highly revered stone of the ancient Egyptians who believed it would inspire the soul to a supreme comprehension of immortality.  It is also said to develop the psychic abilities of the devoted spiritual student.

Lepidolite:  depression; epilepsy

Malachite:  reduces stress; aids sleep; helps reveal subconscious; eyes; allergies.  This many banded, green shaded stone comes from Zaire, Africa.  Also held in high regard by the ancient egyptians, malachite is believed to treat circulatory diseases as well as bringing prosperity to the wearer.

Meteorite:  reveals past lives; enhances connections to extra-terrestrial sources

Moonstone:  PMS; relieves anxiety; lessons tendencies to overreact emotionally

Obsidian:  grounding; connects mind with emotions.  This is volcanic glass.  Most obsidian is black, although red, green and brown obsidian has been found.  It is said to absorb negativity and pull spiritual energy into the physical plane for those who wear it.

Onyx: increases self-control; protects you from others' negativity.  Black, red, yellow or white, this variety of quartz is mined chiefly in Mexico.  Onyx is the stone of separation.  It is used for the purpose of release, for instance, to end a bothersome relationship, and to ground spiritual forces in the body.

Opal:  enhances intuition, eliminates fear; ears; female hormone; menopause

Pearl:  ovarian, uterine cancer; endometriosis; female hormone; menopause; ovaries; PMS

Peridot: increases intuition.  This gem variety of olivine is green.  The cleansing effect of peridot is said to help digestive problems and calm the physical body and relieve melancholia.

Petrified Wood:  balances emotions, aggression; AIDS; anorexia; asthma; blood pressure; depression; headache; rape trauma; obesity; suicidal tendencies

Pyrite:  creates positive outlook.  Found world-wide, this is a sparkly, cubistic, gold colored mineral also know as "Fool's Gold".  Stimulates cooperation between people and stimulates blood circulation.

Quartz:  balances emotions; activates all levels of consciousness.  From Madagascar to Brazil and Arkansas to italy, quartz is found in abundance.  This crystal can be optically clear to milky white.  Clear quartz is known as the "crown crystal".  By itself, it is believed to stimulate brain function and to activate the pineal and pituitary glands.  In conjunction with other stones, quartz is said to intensify their properties.  Quartz is usually the first stone a person acquires, because its affects are the most general.

Rhodochrosite: enhances memory, intellect; anorexia; bladder, colon, ovarian, prostrate, lymphoma cancers; herpes; obesity; endometriosis; complexion

Rose Quartz:  eases sexual emotional imbalances; eases grief; drug and alcohol addiction, rape trauma; divorce trauma.  This quartz can range from milky pink to clear rose in color.  Sometimes called the "love stone", rose quartz is used to calm a person's aggressive tendencies, reduce tension and develop compassion and forgiveness.

Ruby: strengthens immunity; enhances spirituality; selflessness

Rutilated Quartz: strengthens immune system; clairvoyancy.  Found predominantly in Brazil, this rare combination of rutile in quartz, appears as golden bands or rusty red to greenish blue/grey hair sized fibers.  Caused by titanium oxide growing synonymously with quartz, rutilization is believed to be a very powerful healer as it intensifies the energy flow within the crystal, making it high electric.

Sapphire: aligns body/mind/spirit

Shark Tooth:  allergies; flu

Silver:  enhances mental functions

Smoky Quartz:  increases sexual energy, centering.  When naturally radiated underground, clear quart turns smoky brown.  This stone was worn by the priests and priestesses in the Mystery Temples at the Ancient Ones for it symbolizes light within darkness.  Smoky quartz houses an ultrasound frequency which is said to stimulate the development of mediumship and clairvoyance.

Sodalite:  balances male/female polarities

Sugilite:  emotional balancer; spirituality; drug and alcohol addiction; eating disorders.  This beautiful royal purple stone is mined in South Africa.  The newest of the "new age" stones, this crystal is used to combat mental fatigue and balance the state of mind.  Very powerful in helping to develop all psychic abilities and in accelerating the body's natural healing processes.

Talc: balances emotions stemming from historical imbalances

Tiger Eye:  emotional balancer; prevents fatigue; hemophilia; hepatitis; mononucleosis

Topaz:  detoxifies body; self-expression; eliminates negativity; all cancers; pms; esteem.  Ranges from a transparent, golden yellow to pink and even blue.  Golden Imperial Topaz is believed to not only strengthen the heart but to balance the powers within the nervous system.  Blue topaz is said to soothing and calming and is excellent for intensifying the creative energy flow.

Tourmaline:  vitalizes body/mind; dispels fear; enhances sensitivity; bronchitis; diabetes; emphasyma; pleurisy; pneumonia; respiratory.  Found in Italy and Brazil, tourmaline forms in straight, fibrous planes and is found in all colors of the rainbow.  All tourmaline is believed to be a powerful healer.  Black tourmaline is said to ground all negative energies while green is a purifier that calms the mind by cleansing the nervous system.  Watermelon (green and red) tourmaline is used as a cancer preventative by balancing emanations within all cellular structures.   Pink tourmaline is believed to balance the heart center and increase the desire to love and sacrifice for humanity.

Turquoise:  tones body; enhances peace of mind; friendship; loyalty

Zircon:  strengthens mind; increases self-esteem

Magical Intentions -- And Their Related Gemstones

See Meanings of Gemstones for list of specific stones and their meanings.

To get a visual idea of what these stones look like, LINK to our GEMSTONE COLOR CHART.

Astral Projection:  quartz, tourmalated quartz

Beauty:  amber, cat's eye, jasper, opal, zircon

Business Success:  bloodstone, malachite, green tourmaline, zircon

Centering:  calcite, zircon

Childbirth:  geodes, pumice, sand

Courage:  agate, amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone, carnelian, diamond, lapis, sardonyx, tigereye, red tourmaline, turquoise

Defensive Magic:  lava, onyx, sapphire

Dieting:  moonstone, topaz

Divination:  azurite, flint, hematite, jet, moonstone, obsidian, tigereye

Dreams:  amethyst, azurite

Eloquence:  carnelian, celestite, sardonyx

Friendship:  chrysoprase, pink tourmaline, turquoise

Gambling:  amazonite, aventurine, cat's eye

Grounding: hematite, kunzite, moonstone, obsidian, salt, black tourmaline

Happiness:  amethyst, chrysoprase, zircon

Healing/Health:  (all stones have healing and health properties)

Longevity:  agate, fossils, jade, petrified wood

Love:  agate, alexandrite, amber, amethyst, beryl, calcite, chrysocolla, emerald, jade, lapis, lepidolite, malachite, olivine, pearl, rhodochrosite, sapphire, topaz, pink tourmaline, turquoise

Luck:  alexandrite, amber, apache tear, aventurine, chalcedony, chrysoprase, any stone in shape of cross, jet, lepidolite, olivine, opal, pearl, sardonyx, tigereye, turquoise

Magical Power:  bloodstone, quartz, malachite, opal, ruby

Meditation:  geodes, sapphire, sodalite

Mental Powers:  aventurine, emerald, fluorite, zircon

Money, Wealth, Prosperity:  aventurine, bloodstone, calcite, cat's eye, chrysoprase, coal, emerald, jade, mother of pearl, olivine, opal, pearl, peridot, ruby, salt, sapphire, staurolite, tigereye, topaz, green tourmaline, zircon

[To halt] Nightmares:  chalcedony, citrine, jet, lepidolite, ruby

Peace:  amethyst, aquamarine, aventurine, calcite, carnelian, chalcedony, chrysocolla, coral, diamond, kunzite, lepidolite, malachite, obsidian, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, sapphire, sardonyx, sodalite, tourmaline

Physical Energy:  beryl, calcite, rhodochrosite, selenite, sunstone, tigereye, tourmaline, zircon

Protection:  (all stones have protective powers)

Purification:  aquamarine, calcite, salt

Reconciliation:  diamond, selenite

Sexual Energy:  carnelian, sunstone, zircon

Sleep:  moonstone, peridot, tourmaline

Spirituality:  amethyst, calcite, diamond, lepidolite, sugilite

Success:  amazonite, chrysoprase, marble

Travel:  chalcedony, zircon

Wisdom:  chrysocolla, coral, jade, sodalite, sugilite

For more information, please read Cunningham, Scott.  Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic.  St.Paul: Llewellyn Publications, 1994.   

Shapes and Their Powers

Certain shapes of stones enhance or impede their powers.  Shapes may be natural or crafted.

ROUND:  connection to Mother Goddess.  Key to unfolding psychic awareness.  Round "attracts", and are used in rituals to attract things, people, outcomes.

LONG, THIN:  projects the most energy, often used as protection

EGG-SHAPED:  stimulates creativity, new ideas

SQUARE:  symbolizes prosperity, abundance.  Promotes stability, grounding.  Aids concentration

HEART-SHAPED:  stimulates, attracts love.  Magnifies love within.  Allows you to receive and give love

TRIANGULAR-SHAPED:  protects, guards

L-SHAPED: Brings good fortune.  Represents conjunction of spiritual with physical

BODY PARTS:  Used to heal body part they resemble

PYRAMID-SHAPE:  concentrates and focuses energies through tip

DIAMOND-SHAPE:  used to attract riches

CAT'S EYE (chatoyancy): protects wearer.  Deflects negativity.

For more information, please read Cunningham, Scott.  Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic.  St.Paul: Llewellyn Publications, 1994.

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Suggested Birthstones

(Also, click to find Zodiac Stones)

January - garnet

February - amethyst, ultralite

March - aquamarine, bloodstone

April - diamond, white zircon, mother of pearl, pearl, white spinel

May - emerald, green onyx, soudee emerald

June - smoky quartz, moonstone, alexandrite, agate

July - ruby, jasper

August - peridot, carnelian

September - sapphire, lapis, ruby

October - pink tourmaline, opal, rose sapphire

November - citrine, topaz, golden topaz

December - blue zircon, blue tourmaline, turquoise, zircon

Austrian Crystals

Jan - garnet

Feb - amethyst

Mar - aqua

Apr - crystal

May - emerald

Jun - light amethyst

Jul - ruby

Aug - peridot

September - sapphire

Oct - rose

Nov - topaz

Dec - blue zircon or light sapphire or montana


Zodiac Stones

(Also click to find Birthstones)

Aquarius - garnet

Pisces - amethyst

Aries - bloodstone

Taurus - sapphire

Gemini - agate

Cancer - emerald

Leo - onyx

Virgo - carnelian

Libra - chrysolite

Scorpio - topaz

Sagittarius - aquamarine

Capricorn - ruby


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