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Clasps and Closures

Adjustable End Caps For Thick Cords

Finish adjustable-length cord necklaces without clasps using innovative end caps. Slide one cord end through the open bead on one cap, and glue it into the closed bead on the second cap, using a 1-part expoxy like E6000 or bond 527. Slide the opposite cord end through the second open bead and glue it into the other end cap.

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Barrel Clasps

Now in Antiqued Copper and Gunmetal, as well.



Crimp Beads, Tubes, and.
Crimp Covers
Horse Shoes (wire protectors)


Crimp Ends

Coil Clasps For Leather and Thick Cords

Read about How To Use Coil Clasps With Leather!

Read about Tying Slip Knots in Leather and Other Thick Cords

Now in Antiqued Copper and Gunmetal, as well.

Doorknocker Clasps

These clasps offer a unique design element to your pieces. Tubing is 2.6mm. You can slide the rings off each side of the doornknocker, enabling you to use the same clasp, but attach different strands, or vary the number of strands, of beads to suit your mood and the occasion.

Fancy Novelty Clasps


Foldover Clasps

Use these foldover clasps with Clamps or Jump Rings or Split Rings or Soldered Rings.

Attach one end of the chain/strand to the open end of the clasp as shown. Bend the end over with chain-nose pliers to secure.
Hook the other end of the chain/strand and snap to close.

Friction Clasps

Crimp or solder these clasps onto chain, leather cord or rubber cord.


Gemstone, Horn, Bone Carved Clasps

Hook & Eye Clasps

Order by Finish:
Silver Plated
Gold Plated, Brass (shiny)
Antique Silver, Nickel, Pewter, Imitation Rhodium
Antique Copper
Brass Oxidized, Antique Brass, Antique Gold
Gunmetal, Black Oxidized
Copper (shiny)

Order by Materials:
Gold Filled
Sterling Silver
Brass Core
Base Metal


Now in Argentium Silver, Antiqued Copper and Gunmetal, as well.


Lanyard Safety Clasps

Including Swivel Lanyard Pull

Also see,

Lobster Claws

Order by Finish:
Antique Copper
Antique Brass, Antique Gold, Brass Oxidized
Gold Plate, Shiny Brass
Silver Plate (shiny)
Gunmetal Plate, Black Oxidized
Antique Silver, Nickel, Pewter, Imitation Rhodium
Copper (shiny)
Matte Silver Plate

Order by Material:
Gold Filled
Sterling Silver
Stainless Steel
Brass Core
Base Metal

Now in Argentium Silver, Antiqued Copper, Gunmetal, and Brass Oxidized, as well.
We now have nickel-free gold-plate and nickel-free silver-plate lobster claws
Also available in Stainless Steel

See our selection of SOLDERED RINGS and OTHER CONNECORS.


Magnetic clasps are very strong, easy to attach, and easy to open and close.   They are composed of two pieces, each with an embedded magnet.   Each piece has a loop from which you attach the string of beads.

If using on a bracelet, we suggest adding a little safety chain (2-3" of chain, or a chain extender piece)

Opening and Closing Magnetic Clasps: This is a bit trickier than you might think.
For the simple, plain clasps, you would slide these together and slide them apart. For the fancy ones, you break these open, like breaking a stick. Pretend that one side has a hinge, and you crack the other side apart -- sort of like taking the shell off a pistachio nut.

You never PULL them open. And you never PULL ON THE BEADED part of the jewelry to open them. Pulling can loosen the magnet in its setting; it can also result in breaking the stringing material the piece is strung on. For bracelets, then, opening and closing them is very difficult for one person alone, without the help of another.

Now in Antiqued Copper, Gunmetal, and Brass Oxidized, as well.



On an S-Clasp, you attach a soldered ring to each side, and then attach your string of beads to each soldered ring. On one end of the clasp, you maneuver the curved wire so that the ring cannot slip off it. On the other end, you maneuver the curved wire so that there is a bit of an opening for the ring to slip off, but only after some resistance from the wire.You don't want too much of an opening where the ring could slip off without any kind of resistance from the wire.

Pearl and Safety Clasps

Slide and Interlocking Multi-Strand Clasps

Slide Clasps
Interlocking Clasps

slide clasp

interlocking clasp

These 2-piece clasps are especially easy to use, and very secure.  One piece slides into and out of the other. They work well for both necklaces and bracelets.   They are an ideal choice for multi-strand pieces where you want each strand to show on its own.

Snap Clasps

Now in Antiqued Copper, Antique Gold (brass oxidized), and Gunmetal finishes, as well.

Two sizes available.
One strand or two strand styles.

Spring Rings

Now in Antiqued Copper, as well.

New Stainless Steel Spring Rings available.

Toggle Clasps

Sterling Silver Toggle Clasps

Argentium Silver Toggle Clasps

Vermeil Toggle Clasps

Gold-Filled Toggle Clasps

Brass Toggle Clasps
(raw brass, oxidized brass, antique copper plated, antique silver plated finishes)

Pewter Toggle Clasps (full list)
- silver plated
- gold plated and brass(shiny)
- copper and antique copper plated
- antique gold plated and brass oxidized
- black oxidized and gunmetal

- pewter, nickel, and antique silver

Base Metal Toggle Clasps

Copper Toggle Clasps
raw copper, not plated

Toggle clasps, or "toggles", (and button clasps as well) are some of the best clasps to use.   They are easy to get on and off.   They are very sturdy.    They are very attractive.   Toggle clasps should be proportionate in size to the size of the beads on the strand.    On necklaces, especially attractive or interesting toggles might be designed to rest to the side or the pendant bottom of the necklace, rather than the back.    Toggles are good to use as the "secure point" in a lariat.     Toggles that are square or oval are easier to get on and off, and are also more secure, than round ones.   

Remember always to make the side with the bar a little longer and narrower than you would when using other types of clasps.   You need a little extra length to maneuver, and your beads at that end can't be so large as to hinder the movement of the bar through the ring.

When buying toggle clasps, it is always important to purchase these as a set. Often, the bar is especially engineered to work with a particular ring. It could be off 1mm, and not work right. That means, even after you purchased your toggle clasp set, you need to be sure to store it as a set, so you don't get confused later on, when you go to use the clasp.

You'll find our selection of buttons here.


Finishes and Materials Chart
Findings products are coded with a basic 6-digit code plus an extension.  The extension is a shorthand for the finish or the material of the item.  For example, an item coded 495-063.SS has the extension "SS" which stands for sterling silver.

NOTE: The designs and sizes will vary slightly on handcrafted clasps.  

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