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Charms and Drops

Sterling Silver Charms


Animals and Endangered Species




Crosses & Religious

We have a limited selection of Gold-Filled Crosses and Crucifixes.

Also see
Austrian Crystal Crosses
Rosary and Y-Necklace Components




Hard and Soft Drinks


Also see Austrian Crystal Heart Drops



Also see our Sterling Silver Hebrew Letter Cubes

Land, Air, Sea, Travel

Letter Charms
Currently not available.

Also see our
Letter Beads
Message Beads

Life, Hobbies, Crafts, Fun, Play

Life Sayings and Causes

See Breast Cancer Bead in our Chinese Lampwork beads section.

Lore, Myth, Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes


Love and Family

Money and Chance

Music, Theater, Dance, Arts

Native American and Southwestern


Plants and Trees

Prayer Boxes

Professions, Business, School, Graduation, Work
including gardener, professional, artist, seamstress, hair salon, dentist, doctor, nurse, graduate, construction/builder, photographer, writer, technology/science/computers, and more

Rosary and Y-Necklace Components

Sea, Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Shells, Dinosaurs


including baseball, basketball, bowling, cheering/cheer leading, biking, football, golf, gymnastics/gymnist, hocky, jogging/running, raquet ball, skating, ice skating, roller blading, skate boarding, snow skiing, skier, snowboarding, soccer, swimming, surfing, tennis, volleyball

States and National Monuments


Other Charms and Drops


Each keepsake Locket features sturdy handmade hinges, tight snap catches, and a bail or jump ring.

We recommend that you glue your photos in place for a secure presentation.

Brass and Plated Brass Charms, Drops and Mini-Drops

Center Pieces

Cornflake Castings

CASTINGS start with a lead-free base metal, but are then dipped in Copper and finished with fine metals.

Pewter Drops


Bells and Clackers

Czech Crystal Drops

Austrian Crystal Drops and Briolettes


Other Areas of Interest:


Metal Components



Jewelry Findings

Stampings and Filigrees

Gemstone Carvings and Pieces

Jump Rings, Split Rings, Link-Lock Jump Rings

Attach Rings, Connectors, Solid Rings, Soldered Rings

Earring Hardware

Letter Beads

Beaver Tail Drops

These are primarily used to glue on the backs of pieces, such as cabochons, to create a loop, so you can dangle the piece as a drop or a pendant. Use E6000 or Bond 527 glues.


Included in this display area are those smaller kinds of charms that are typically used with charm bracelets, simple charm earrings and delicate lariat necklaces.   

Don't forget to check out our Chains and Cords!

NOTE:  All Cast Weights listed are approximate


Sorry, we do not have a Printed Catalog.

NOTE: We do not provide Samples of items

NOTE: The supply and availability of beads is very variable. Please make note of this when you are planning any project! Also MAKE NOTE and REALIZE that the exact color and size of many beads also varies, sometimes considerably, from production lot to production lot. Just because you ordered 100 navy blue oval beads in June, don't assume that when you re-order, that the navy blue color will be exact, or the size will be exact.

Also, don't assume that the same color will still be available when you order next -- even with a basic color like 'black'.

Also in your planning, assume that the variability of size/color/shape in any lot of hand-crafted beads will also have considerable variability.

Don't hesitate, when planning a project, or ordering from us, to ask us questions about supply and availability of beads. We'll do our best to find answers and options for you. This may mean having to modify your design plans somewhat, or for us to find an alternative, though sometimes higher cost, supplier. It may also mean buying your key beads or other parts and findings in larger quantities. At Land of Odds, we are all too familiar with the trials, tribulations and joys of jewelry design. We'll work closely with you.

If you are ordering SEVERAL ITEMS WHICH YOU MUST HAVE "ALL OR NONE", then please email or notify us of this fact when you place your order. If you are trying to spell a particular word with letter beads, please let us know. Normally, we ship what is available, and out-of-stock the rest. We do not typically call or email about what is unavailable, unless specifically requested to do so.

We cannot be responsible for the color of dyed stones.

Listed weights and sizes for cast jewelry and beads pieces are approximate.

Please be aware that the colors of images you see on your screen may differ from the true colors of any item offered for sale. We do our best to see that there is as little distortion from the true colors as possible, but different browsers and different computer graphics hard- and soft-ware do many different things with colors. Even when switching between Netscape, Internet Explorer and AOL, some colors will vary considerably, some will vary a little, and others won't vary at all.

Glass Beads

Seed and Delica Beads

Metal Beads

Gemstone Beads

Jewelry Findings


Ceramic Beads

Letter Beads

Charms and Drops


Other Beading Supplies

Wood Beads

cord, string, thread, wire and other stringing materials

Skills-based Courses, Workshops, Programs
For the Beadwork and Jewelry Artist
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