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The Artist's Place

The Artist's Place

From time to time at, we at Land of Odds like to showcase bead-makers and jewelry-makers and their work. People who make beads. People who make beaded jewelry. People who wire-wrap. People who fabricate and cast sterling silver and other precious metal jewelry. People who carve gemstone jewelry. People who create fabric, clothing and costume using beads.



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Information For Showcasing Your Work and Your Talent

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The Artist's Place
At Land of Odds

Information For Showcasing Your Work and Your Talent

The Artist's Place is a great opportunity for artists and craftspersons to present information about themselves and pictures of their work to the larger Internet Community.

We accept submissions from artists/craftspersons of all different skill levels.  

The process for getting showcased in The Artist's Place is simple:

1) Submit an Artist Statement to us

     a) Identify and describe your specific craft, the materials you use, and the types of pieces you make

     b) Write about your goals and objectives for yourself and your work

     c) Suggest the lessons you've learned or insights you've had about your craft and your work as your skills have developed

     d) Indicate how a person might contact you (phone, address, email, web-site) or see other examples of your work (exhibits, brochure, catalog)

2) Submit 3-5 pictures (These will not be returned)

The pictures can be photographs, photos from magazines or brochures, which we will scan here at Land of Odds, or on-disc or downloadable .gif or .jpg files.

Your pictures should be indicative of your work, or illustrative of a particular style, or of the application of a particular technique.  If possible, one picture should be of yourself.

While The Artist's Place is part of a store, it is not a "selling" venue per se. The Artist's Place is an opporutnity to focus on craft and craft skill development. It is a chance to share insights and lessons based on unique experiences. It's a chance to present a fuller awareness and impression of art and craft.

Showcased Artist's Pages are usually posted as long as bandwidth permits.   The Artist may re-write and re-submit their statements and new images at any time.

If your primary language is not English, we are willing, if you want, to post a mirror page in your preferred language.  The main page, however, will be in English.


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Land of Odds
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Nashville, TN 37204

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