LAND OF ODDS: Jewelry and Bead Artists On The Web

Jewelry and Bead Artists On The Web

These wonderfully creative jewelry and bead artists,
associated with The Center for Beadwork & Jewelry Arts, Be Dazzled Beads, or Land of Odds, have their pieces for sale on-line. Take a leisurely perusal through their sites. You'll be very glad you did!

Ladyhawk's Lair by Laura

Ladyhawk's Interchangeable Conchos

Decorate your hat! Decorate your hair! Decorate anything! With the magic of Velcro, all conchos are interchangeable! Swap conchos to the same hat or barrette! Wear the same concho on different hats! Wear a concho on your hat, then as a barrette the next day! Guys, wear a concho on your hat, then lend it as a barrette to your girlfriend! The possibilities are endless!



Fossilized Shark Tooth Necklaces

Fossilized shark teeth can come in every color of the rainbow. The colors depend upon which minerals replace the actual tooth during fossilization. A fossilized tooth is—quite literally—a stone. When I begin a new design, I must let the stone "speak" to me. No, I'm not crazy or superstitous. It's just my way of describing the creative process. I'll play with various beads that match the color of the tooth and then let my subconscious work on the design. The stone "speaks" to me while I concentrate on other tasks. When I return to the project, hopefully the stone will have spoken and I will create a beautiful new shark-tooth necklace.





JoMarie Jewelry by Jodie Vieira

Beautiful handcrafted jewelry for special occasions and everyday wear.

I began making jewelry seven years ago when I received a jewelry making kit as a Christmas gift. I quickly realized that I have a passion for creating jewelry. My style is elegant simplicity. I love working with classic materials in a modern design. All of my jewelry is handmade to order. If you have a special request please let me know and I can customize your order to perfection!


Wearable Watercolor Art by Jeri Lynn Hoover

Artistic, handcrafted watercolor jewelry, beaded jewelry, beaded ID lanyards, and custom watercolor house portraits from your photographs.



Beaded-Birthday-Gems by The Queen Bee'D (Jamie Tipton)

A personalized beaded key chain just for YOU! Or if you are in need of a unique gift idea, we have a great selection of practical, personalized gift ideas for moms, sisters, grandmas, best friends, birthdays, christmas and even your teenage daughter in need of her own key chain for her own car key.

Our personalized, beaded birthday gem key chains are made with the finest 6mm crow roller glass beads that are manufactured in the Czech Republic. Woven together with a very soft 1.5mm satin cord that is tied to the swivel end of a lanyard clip. These Alphabet key chains are designed with YOU in mind, the first letter of your name, beaded to best represent the color of your birthstone as a symbol to the month you were born.


i.q. jewels by Kathleen Salvatore
fun jewels 4 fun people

I am committed to making one of a kind handmade pieces with quality "findings".
I've been a bead artisan for 3 years now. I now also do home shows.



MAD Designs by Marcia DeCoster

Marcia's love for beautiful jewelry and the desire to create her own designs brought Marcia to beads in the early 1990's. Marcia designs colorful and fun to wear jewelry and shares her designs through teaching. Remembering her own early attempts, Marcia recognizes that everyone learns differently and so takes great care to provide clear, concise and comprehensive instructions, graphics and text as well as a colored picture of the piece.

Her work has been published in Jane Davis's Complete Book of Beading and Carol Wilcox Wells The Art and Elegance of Bead Weaving. She also co-published two bead calendars, 2001 A Bead Odyssey and 2003 The Bead Goes On with Linda Parker and Dona Anderson.

On the local front, Marcia is President of the San Diego Bead Society and a juried member of the Spanish Village Art Center (SVAC) at Balboa Park in San Diego, CA.

* Dawn Ellen Designs by Dawn Newmann

Crystals, glass beads, and naturally beautiful minerals are incorporated into my handcrafted jewelry designs. One of a kind elegant necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are created with a variety of materials to suit individual preferences. I hope you’ll enjoy the colors and materials featured in Dawn Ellen Designs. Nothing is mass produced and each week new catalog items will be featured on this site. Some of the beads are lamp work beads that I have made; and in addition to wire wrapping techniques, I am also doing some metal smith work with sterling and fine silver. Custom jewelry can be designed just for you!



* MEW'S Jewels by Margot E. Walbourne

For your investment and pleasure MEW's Jewels offers beautiful vintage and collectible costume jewelry for the discriminating collector, as well as MEW's original artisan beaded jewelry designs utilizing polymer clay, glass, Swarovski® crystal, vintage beads and other vintage components.

For your investment and pleasure MEW's Jewels offers beautiful vintage and collectible costume jewelry for the discriminating collector, as well as MEW's original artisan beaded jewelry designs utilizing polymer clay, glass, Swarovski® crystal, vintage beads and other vintage components.



* Fashionably Wired by Donna Fitzgerald

We design and create truly unique coiled copper wire to match any outfit, any season, any occasion. All pieces are handcrafted in the USA and carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Donna works out of her home in West Columbia, South Carolina but sells at craft shows throughout the country.

* Treeva by Shawn and Treva Stone

Welcome to the Lives of Treeva, Shawn and Sequoia Stone. They have been creating their own reality for the past 7 years with their love of design, color, nature and most of all each other. The journey began simply with a passion for beauty and the need to express it in the physical form. Treeva’s love of stones, clay, leather and anything natural inspires her daily to create distinctive pieces for you to enjoy.

For Shawn, living in balance with nature and creating a sustainable future for his family is his passion. He had done so by building an eco friendly home and honoring Mother Earth with his organic and biodynamic farming principles.

Our son Sequoia is our inspiration to continue our conscious way of life and to follow our hearts on this journey of self expression…wherever it may lead us…stay tuned for what the future may bring!



* DogsBeJeweled by Audrey Elman

Custom made jewelry for pampered pets and their owners. All necklaces are sized to your specifications. Styles range from whimsical to classic, and are offered in a variety of colors.




* StonesNSilver Studio by Terry Rich

We have several designers at StonesNSilver Studio - Ann Willenborg, Shelby & Terry Rich and Monica Gutierrez.

StonesNSilver Studio has one-of-a-kind, handcrafted jewelry art. A showcase of jewelry from four different artists, each with their own creative talents and techniques, and incorporating quality gemstone beads as well as raku beads, lampwork beads, dichroic glass, seed beads and fibers. The jewelry making styles range from traditional pieces in single & multi-strands to complicated treasure necklaces, bead crocheting, fiber art jewelry and wonderful wire wrapped & wire sculptured stones in pendants and bracelets!

We have the finest jewelry designs on the net at the best price ready for inmediate shipping. Please browse our categories and we are certain that you will find the appropriate design for your taste and budget. We have gathered many designs from semiprecious stones and precious metals from around the globe.

See Unique as U Inc. on this web-site for work by Carlota Emilia and Migdalia Gonzalez.




Artistic License is the freedom to veer from the norm. It is commonly said that the artist has the right to change her composition from the actual to the aesthetic which pleases her eye. Artists often say they "used their artistic license" when composing a work of art. It is the reason the art of Monet, Renoir, Dali, Pollak, Seurat, Manet, Gaugin, O'Keefe, Mondrian, and COUNTLESS others is enjoyed by the masses. It is the creedo some, myself included, try to live by. I enjoy being my own person, creating my own style, and staying just different enough not to be a cliche.

I have been an artist since I can remember. I have a vivid memory of a sketch of a tree that I was SO proud of. It was very unique, and I was very young. But I KNEW it was beautiful. It is the first time I can remember using my own artistic license. To this day, there are trees in my artwork. For me they will always be the "official seal" on my artistic license.

* VICTORIAN STRAWBERRY PINCUSHION made by Michigan artist Karen Rae Mehaffy

These little confections are copied from a 19th c. original and are completely hand sewn. They are made of crimson velvet, stuffed with yarn, and are finished with glass beads and a green felt stem and leaf. Each strawberry is made individually and finished is approximately 5.5 inches long. They come packed in white gift boxes with green crinkle paper grass.

I sell these in my shop, as well as on Ebay. For more information, please email me at: or by phone: 248-374-5586.


Unique handmade jewelry creations using the finest of materials including Semi-precious & Precious stones, Swarovski Crystals, Freshwater Pearls, Sterling Silver, & 14KT Gold & Gold Filled components.


* PAULETTE JANE JEWELRY by Paulette Perhach
I sell sterling silver and copper jewelry with Swarovski crystals
and gemstones.

* KAT'S KOUNTRY KUPBOARD by Kathy Thomason

I make budget-priced one of a kind jewelry, bookmarks, crocheted items
and bath salts.



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