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We carry Micro Bugles.

Micro bugles are similar in size to Liquid Silver beads -- 1x2mm.


Preciosa Bugle Beads Color Chart




Charlottes are single-facet (one-cuts) seed beads, and come in a few sizes.

Usually, sizes other than 13/0 are called "True Cuts".

Sometimes these come on short hanks; othertimes on regular size hanks.

Short Hanks:13/0 - apprx 4,000 beads

Regular Size Hanks: 13/0 - apprx 4,400 beads


What I especially like about these beads is the randomness of the "flash" that comes from the random placement of single facets. This works great on clothing or on large bead-woven areas made up of all charlottes.















These Czech pressed glass beads have 2 holes. They are sold on 50-bead strands.


These streamlined Czechmate beads are constructed to work seamlessly together, providing endless options for new creations.


With their uniform dimensions, equidistant hole spacing, large hole diameter, and the strong yet soft-edge style, these beads are designed as "buidling blocks".













Czech  11/0 seed beads are available by the hank (usually 35-50grams).     A hank is usually about 12 strands.     There are approximately 4400-4800 11/0 seed beads on a hank. There is a wide variation, however, in how the Czech bead factory workers tie up their beads into a hank, and then tie up hanks into a half-kilo.




Preciosa Seed Bead Color Chart


























The size of a bead is Very Loosely meant to convey the number of beads per inch.   Thus, 11/0 roughly means there are 11 beads per inch.   You will, however, see that Japanese 11/0's tend to be a little larger than Czech 11/0's, and that the size of a bead with a lot of effects on it will be noticeably larger than a bead without effects.   For example, the basic transparent 11/0 will be noticeably smaller than the metallic iris 11/0.

Japanese 11/0 seed beads are manufactured by three different companies -- Miyuki, Matsuno and Toho. The shape of the bead varies slightly, depending on which company manufactured it.

Seed Beads

Seed Bead SizeImageApproximate Length of 15 beads
laid in a row*
15/0 15 beads=apprx. 14mm
14/0 15 beads=apprx. 15mm
13/0 15 beads=apprx. 16mm
12/0 15 beads=apprx. 17mm
11/0 15 beads=apprx. 19mm
10/0 15 beads=apprx. 25mm
9/0 15 beads=apprx. 27mm
8/0 15 beads=apprx. 33mm
6/0 15 beads=apprx. 43mm
4/0 15 beads=apprx. 58mm
1/0 15 beads=apprx. 72mm

*NOTE:  Different beads have different finishes and effects, which may or
may not add to the actual size of a bead.  For example, an 11/0 metallic
lustre hot pink is very close to a size 10/0 bead, while an 11/0 topaz transparent
bead would be a clear size 11/0.

Bugle Beads

Czech Bugle Beads Images Apprx. Sizes
#1 - 2mm or 3/32"
#2 - 4mm or 3/16"
#3 - 7mm or 1/4"
#4 - 9mm or 3/8"
#5 - 11mm or 7/16"
20mm or 3/4"
25mm or 15/16"
30mm or 1 3/16"
35mm or 1 5/16"


For bugle beads, Japanese use a different numbering system to denote sizes:

Size #1 = 3mm
Size #2 = 6mm
Size #3 = 9mm




Seed beads are sometimes called E-beads.   This refers to the shape of the bead.   It is not perfectly round (like a druk bead), but rather is sliced like a loaf of bread gets sliced -- which gives it a squared round or roundish shape.   Picture the "E" being the shape of the slicer, as it presses down on a elongated tube of glass.

E-beads in the 5/0 - 6/0 size are often referred to as E-beads, while other sizes of seed beads are not.   This is probably to differentiate these from perfectly round beads -- which are not often available in sizes smaller than 2-3mm.   If a pattern calls for an "E-bead", with no other delineation, it usually wants a size 5/0 or 6/0 seedbead.


 On-Line Printable Graph Paper. 
You can print images of graph paper for various bead weaving stitches.