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Center For Beadwork & Jewelry Arts - beadworking and jewelry-making classes

Student Orientation & Curriculum Guide 
Orientation Course


Before beginning a course of study, students are asked to take our Orientaton to Beads and Jewelry Findings class.

The Orientation class takes about 2 1/2 hours.   We offer this class 2 times each month, typically on a Saturday or Friday morning.  It does not matter if we have only one student or several -- we teach this class in either case.

This course is taught at Be Dazzled Beads.  The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to a common language and understanding of beads, jewelry findings and tools that they will be working with.

There are no fees for these classes.   No supplies, tools, books or materials are needed.  

Students are asked to preregister at least 1-2 days ahead of time by calling 615/292-0610.

Whether you are new to beadwork, or want a refresher class, you
should consider taking our Orientation to Beads and Jewelry Findings
class. This course acquaints the student with the world of beads

O How to tell the quality of beads before you buy and use them
O How beads are made, and the differences in quality and
craftsmanship, based on where they are made
O What the differences are among druks, fire polish, seed beads,
delicas and the like
O How to understand metals and platings, especially their pros and
cons, and what happens as they age
O What the various types, sizes, finishes, shapes and styles of beads
O Where beads come from, and how they have been used historically
O How to make intelligent choices about which stringing materials to
O What tools you will need, and how to buy them

What Next?

Most students interested in bead stringing take BS0001: Basics of Bead Stringing and Attaching Clasps next.

If interested in bead weaving, students begin with STITCH: Stitch of the Month.

If interested in wire work, students take WIRECORE1: MIX & MATCH MULTI-WIRE TECHNIQUES BRACELET